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Igloofest was amazing. We almost didn't go, but Carl changed his mind and it was a great call. We were only gone for 24 hours. I haven't been to an electronic music festival in ages (maybe not since the ill-fated Ultra 2008) and I'd certainly never been to one outdoors in Canada in February. I thought the cold air and the snow made it really special. I had never danced on snow before. It's slippery, so it is easy to do cool moves such as the Moonwalk.

They had giant ice walls with LEDs in them, and more LED displays of course, and some ice sculptures, and there was this cute little sitting area with a wood stove and lots of giant waterproof pillows. There was also an indoor area with a poutine stand, so you could go in and get warm occasionally. I went with four Vermonters, and I was the least cold out of any of them! It was probably because I was the most bundled up, but I like to think that I have just gotten super tough since I moved here.

I wore a pink wig under my fuzzy bear hat, my long brown quilted coat, a short dress, cotton leggings, fleece leggings, a long-sleeved shirt, a sweater, two pairs of socks, down boots, a green scarf, and purple wool gloves. I was considering trying to go without the coat, because I think it is very unflattering, but I did not consider it for long. It is COLD.

Anyway, Montreal is a great city and all of you should go if you get a chance. We had amazing Ethiopian food and even more amazing cheese croissants, and it's just such a charming, stylish city with little bits of art everywhere in unexpected places. My French is still pretty terrible, but I think it has improved a little. I was able to communicate with a few people.

PS: Ugh, Livejournal, these ads are getting really obtrusive. I've been thinking about switching to Tumblr.