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The fox, so cunning and free

We've been watching the old Disney Zorro series from the late 50's, and it is amazing. I can't recommend it enough. The heroes are lovable, the villains are villainous, the funny guys are funny. Zorro is super cute, smiles constantly, never kills anyone, and wears tight pants and sparkly jackets when he's not fighting corruption. The bad guy is called Senor Molestario and he is pretty evil. He totally is mean to Indians and priests, and has a sinister goatee. He's always raising taxes and destroying orange groves.

Zorro is also great because he has to act really stupid so nobody will find out his identity. His real name is Don Diego, and he is so committed to acting dumb that his own father hates him. But he has to act like a silly brat, because if anyone thought he was mentally competent, they'd suspect he was Zorro. 

Don Diego also has an awesome sidekick named Bernardo, who is mute but pretends he is deaf-mute so he can listen to the villains scheme while he pretends to do servant-type stuff. The actor who plays Bernardo does great facial expressions and is really funny.

So Zorro is really tall and looks amazing in his little Bedazzled matador costumes, and his mustache and smile are very charming. And the weird thing is that the actor also plays the dad in Lost in Space, who I never thought was cute, even remotely. And that was eight years later. Do you think it's just the mustache?


And the tight pants. ;)