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I am having my first party in my new place tonight. This morning, I went to the farmers' market and bought cheese and cider. So bucolic!

Because it is going to be like -15 tonight, the theme is "Hot Beverages and Fancy Hats". There will be hot cocoa with booze, mulled cider with booze, and hot toddies. (Scratch that last one. I just realized that I don't have lemon juice.) I have many fancy hats, including a fur-trimmed one with silver sequins.

I think about 15-20 people will be there. I hope everyone can fit in my tiny apartment. Luckily there is a lot of abandoned furniture in the basement of my building, so I will see if there are some extra chairs I can use. I am still trying to decide on music. I will probably just end up streaming PopTron.

Wish me luck! If it goes well, I will have more parties in the future, and that will make me very happy.


Good luck and lots of fun!

I'm so glad you're settling in and enjoying yourself.

What a brilliant idea. I hope everything turns out warm and shiny and even more fun than you expected.