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Things that rock my socks - 2011

1. Actual socks! Dear Katie and Ryan sent me a pair of neon green knee socks with dinosaurs all over them. They are super cool and I can't wait to wear them.

2. Minecraft! Carl made a world for me and we are playing in it together. Currently he is building a skull-shaped fortress and I am attempting to build a pig farm. I am trying to figure out whether the pigs always spawn in the same place.

3. Being the only girlfriend. I think I had been starting to take it for granted, but when I got back home I realized how nifty it is. I am the only one in the bed, and I get all the attention all the time. Totally worth it.

4. Also from Carl: a stuffed turtle that projects a fantastic starscape from its shell, in your choice of green, blue, or yellow light. It is supposed to be a night-light for small children.

5. The days are getting longer! Hooray!

6. A great trip back to Florida, wherein I saw many people that I miss, partied down, and tied up some loose ends. Of course I still miss the glorious adventures of the Club Mills days, but I no longer feel like I am missing out, or like I may have made the wrong decision.

7. Getting back to Vermont just in time for New Year's Eve festivities. Even if I did pass out right after midnight. It felt so freaking good to fall asleep on the comfy couch.

8. Theraflu Nighttime.